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Welcome to our website! Here you will learn not only about our products, but also get interesting information on suppressors, which was obtained following the results of various studies conducted by us. We believe that before buying something, much less using it, you should get to know everything about this product. Therefore, all available information on firearm suppressors we provide in the form of statistical data for your review on our website.
For over 10 years our company Hamond specializes in professional development and manufacture of suppressors for firearms. And despite the fact that in general we are a young team, the work performed by us supposes an extensive practical experience in this field. Currently, our company independently performs all work on the following:
• Design, testing and development of new suppressor models in order to obtain the most satisfactory results.
• Production of high performance Hamond suppressors for firearms.
• Development of a corporate original design for suppressors, cases, and sale of our products.
We design new models of Hamond suppressors on the basis of mathematical simulation of the flow of gases in suppressors. And thanks to the accurate calculation, we have managed to achieve a high degree of sound absorption from a shot with suppressor.

Hamond Suppressors

We offer Hamond suppressors S .223, M .30 and L .30 series specially designed for use in military and civilian rifles. This series is not intended for use in assault rifles and automatic firearms with burst mode.
Basic specifications of Hamond suppressors:
• This suppressor model is made of titanium and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum.
• The suppressor has 24*1.5 thread (right-hand or left-hand) at the rear for attaching special adapter when connecting to the barrel.
• Hamond suppressor has 7 baffles and increases the size of rifle by about 156 mm (6.1"), and it can be used in calibers of 5.45Х39 5.56Х45 (.223Remington) to .338LM.
• Hamond suppressors are available with 3 diameters of bullet holes to be able to be used in weapons of different caliber.
• Depending on the cartridge caliber Hamond suppressors reduce shot noise up to 28 dB.
However, please remember that no suppressor can reduce the noise level of the weapons automatics and the sound of a bullet during its passage through the air. Under normal use Hamond suppressors reduce the noise, which helps to reduce the risk of injury to the ears, but the manufacturer can not be held responsible for all the risks or hearing injuries.
- Do not use self-loaded subsonic rounds, as due to the loss of hygroscopic stability there is a risk of bullet overturning inside the suppressor.
- Attachment of a suppressor to the firearms should be made in the licensed workshop only! Even if your firearm has a suitable thread, you should contact licensed workshop anyway.
- The thread on the firearms is made by lathe cut method (see Annex "Installation Guidelines"). Any other modifications to the firearms in order to attach the suppressor are not required.

Installation Guidelines:

1. When screwing the suppressor onto the firearm, use only the arm strength, do not use any other accessories, keys and the like. Screwing effort "by hand" is sufficient for normal operation of the suppressor.
2. During use, check regularly the mounting of the suppressor to ensure optimal accuracy and the absence of MPI (Mean Point of Impact) offset.
3. Proper installation of the suppressor does not usually lead to an increase in close grouping of shots, possibly even to its reduction.
4. Under the suppressor's weight the barrel is bent slightly resulting in a change in its vibration and thus offset of MPI. This can be fixed easily by making corrections to the sight.

History of Hamond 30m Model

This model is structurally based on the development of Hiram Maxim suppressor. But to improve it, we first identified previous shortcomings of the silencer and fixed them. After that, we have introduced our own experience to its design and as a result we obtained something that exceeded our expectations!
Originally, a new suppressor was planned for 308win calibers (by design it had to withstand a pressure of 300wm caliber, but it also works effectively by noise suppression with larger calibers). Full-scale tests have shown that at a length of 172 mm and a diameter of 48 mm it easily copes with its task! Yes, the sound spectrum of flow of gases in 300WM caliber is different, and this is not surprising, because the pressure is 2 times higher, but there is no supersonic and, respectively, no boom. Now, for those, who love good sound tone in 300wm calibers, we are preparing a special model.
HOW WE MANAGED TO ACHIVE SUCH RESULTS?A special feature of the new model Hamond 30m is air brakes working in the last phase of the flow of gases, i.e. at low speeds. Their presence enabled a significant slowing-down of the flow of gases. And the second purpose of this system is to avoid flow seals in the axial channel and the formation of shock waves. And we also have used and mathematically perfected a circuit of the axial flow deflection to the periphery.
But this is not the only path leading to good results! By challenging ourselves, we have developed another model that works just by the opposite principle - by creating seals and shock waves! Everything is possible and we believe that we have found a great field for creativity.
Currently, the work is in progress on the development of an effective modular system consisting of a muzzle brake and a suppressor.
Our research process is not completed. At this stage, a successful model went into production, but in the near future we plan to develop new models. Competitive models of suppressors sold in the market as commercial will be studied by us and the results will be posted on our website.
We offer you to evaluate the quality of models based on the statistical data! So take look, probably you'll find something new or interesting for yourself. Also, anyone can help with sketches of commercial models. They will be treated as a matter of priority and posted to public access.
Just to make a reservation: Since the calculations themselves are worth the money a decision on the feasibility of a particular calculation we take ourselves. In any case, all the results of calculations carried out will be posted to our website and will be freely available to the visitors. This is our rule.
Create! We hope that the joint creative activity will delight us with pleasing results!